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Call2Recycle is reminding Canadians to safely recycle their batteries

Day of awareness highlights need for increased battery recycling

Call2Recycle is reminding Canadians to safely recycle their batteries

Call2Recycle, North America's first and largest consumer battery stewardship and recycling program, encourages Canadians and Americans to Lead the Charge on National Battery Day (February 18th). The annual awareness day asks consumers and organizations to scour their homes and offices - especially junk drawers, closets and garages - for used batteries, which they can bring to a Call2Recycle drop-off location or start their own program.

While battery recycling is offered year-round, National Battery Day spotlights how batteries power our world along with the need for responsible disposal once batteries reach their end-of-life. And research shows there is great room for growth and engagement: In the U.S., two-thirds of consumers are aware of battery recycling in their communities, while only 41% participate. In Canada, 81% of consumers are aware of battery recycling, with 58% actively participating. 

Not only is battery recycling the responsible and safe thing to do, it also yields a number of benefits, including: 
• Preventing potentially hazardous materials from harming the environment 
• Protecting against potential fires by keeping batteries out of the garbage; and
• Conserving valuable, natural resources.

"The many benefits that batteries provide reinforce the vital role they play in our world," said Linda Gabor, vice president of marketing and customer service for Call2Recycle. "The freedom to go unplugged also comes with the responsibility to ensure the proper and safe disposal of batteries when they reach their end-of-life. National Battery Day serves as a reminder that recycling used batteries is an easy, year-round action that's good for the environment."

With the help of consumers, stewards and collection partners, Call2Recycle collected nearly 14 million pounds (6.3 million kilograms) of batteries in 2017. Through continued awareness and engagement, the organization looks forward to continuing their 22-year legacy of diverting batteries from landfills.   

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