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ALLU Transformer helps Belgian farmer recycle waste candy for privileged pigs

ALLU Transformer helps Belgian farmer recycle waste candy for privileged pigs

Belgian pig farmer, Bart Van Bouvel, has used an ALLU Transformer to give his pigs a well-earned treat.  By using the ALLU DSH-4-23 Transformer he has been able to reduce waste from a local candy manufacturer, recycling discarded produce into food for his pigs.

Waste from food production is a continuing problem throughout the western world.  Bert Van Bouvel however has come up with a novel way of recycling waste material from a local candy manufacturer, thereby ensuring that waste at the factory is minimized, and at the same time give his pigs a treat.

Bart Van Bouvel's large Belgian farm has over 7,000 pigs and he recently agreed to take 100m3 each week of waste candy.  The problem was that the candy is packed tightly for shipping and this meant that it was difficult to break down into a size that would allow it to be fed to the pigs.

The canny farmer however knew of the ALLU Transformer range and realized that it would be the perfect solution in order to reduce the candy waste to a usable -20mm feed product. In order to put his theory to the test, ALLU Germany arranged a demonstration of what they believed was the most suitable Transformer. 

Bart Van Bouvel is now using an ALLU DSH-4-23-TS 16 mm Transformer fitted to a CAT 930 G wheel loader. This particular model was chosen as it provides greater capacity, with the TS 16 mm axe blades proving to be ideal for the reduction of soft and sticky materials such as candy.

Transforming materials into something valuable is what makes ALLU stand apart. As the case of the Belgian pig farmer shows, the use of the Transformer range is not limited to soil, compost, organics, C&D, concrete, muck and other related materials, but can also be used in new and previously unimagined ways.

Bart Van Bouvel is now using an ALLU DSH-4-23-TS 16 mm Transformer fitted to a CAT 930 G wheel loader to recycle waste candy into feed for his pigs.
Using Allu's Transformer to process approximately 100 cubic metres each week of waste candy into a usable -20mm feed product.

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