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Eco-friendly e-waste process facility underway

Eco-friendly e-waste process facility underway

Mineworx Technologies Ltd., formerly Iberian Minerals Ltd., announced the joint collaboration with EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. for the construction of an environmentally friendly, modular E-Waste processing plant/facility. The E-Waste plant/facility has been designed to process up to 2,500 tonnes (5.5 million lbs) per annum of PCBA (printed circuit board assemblies) based E-Waste material.

The process plant has been designed as a turn-key, modular and scalable system and will handle all aspects of the E-Waste recycling process including, material pre-treatment, shredding, grinding, leaching and metal extraction. The plant is currently under construction at the Mineworx facility in Coquitlam, BC, Canada and is expected to be completed and deployed to a strategic location and be operational by the end of Q4, 2017.

The EnviroLeach process provides a safe and effective alternative to the current toxic methods used for the hydrometallurgical extraction of precious metals in both the mining and Electronic Waste (E-Waste) sectors. The proprietary water-based formula and its primary ingredients are FDA approved food-grade additives.

EnviroLeach is already in discussions with numerous North American and International E-Waste recyclers, aggregators, OEMs, associations and manufacturers which have expressed interest in supplying high-grade E-Waste for processing. The target material would include: set top box boards, memory modules, motherboards, PCI boards, hard drive boards, CPU processors, cell phones and other PCBA based components and materials.

"Mineworx has worked very closely with the EnviroLeach team over the past 6 months moving this project along the path to commercialization" reports Greg Pendura, CEO of Mineworx. "Accomplishing this challenging feat with EnviroLeach is a significant milestone and will reshape the future of E-Waste recycling. We look forward to being the exclusive technology/systems integrator for the continued design, development and installation of all future EnviroLeach pilot plants and full scale production facilities worldwide."

The processing of E-Waste offers very compelling economic factors compared to mining. These factors include the low cost of source materials, the above ground abundance and high-grade nature of the feed stock itself. These facts, combined with the accelerated leach kinetics, small environmental footprint and low capital costs, offers the potential of low-cost metals production in a very short period of time on a relatively small budget.

The Company is still very active in the mining Sector and is currently testing numerous ores, concentrates and tailings from a number of mining companies and continues to receive numerous inquiries globally. The Company's goal is to aggressively pursue both the Mining and E-Waste sectors simultaneously.

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