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Latest technology from Eggersmann designed for wood and bio-waste

Eggersmann Group has wide-reaching product portfolio of high-performance shredders, screening machines and windsifters

FORUS Pre-Shredder SE 250
FORUS Pre-Shredder SE 250

The Eggersmann Group has a wide-reaching product portfolio of high-performance shredders, screening machines and windsifters at its disposal to treat all kinds of materials. To process wood and bio-waste the company offers multiple solutions of well-known brands.

According to the company, an increase of waste wood and bio mass is expected in shredding and screening. For this reason, the demands in throughput and flexibility of the machines for processing these materials are high.

In the field of waste wood shredding, there is an increase in the demand for one end product in one operation - smaller than 150 mm and not contaminated.  In addition, in the treatment of biomass the purity of variety as well as the easy separating from the end product and adhesion is a deciding factor. It is also important to keep the operating costs of the machines at a low level. Compact, slow-speed shredders are the best option to meet these requirements.

The FORUS company concentrates its actions within the Eggersmann Group only on the further development of slow-speed shredding. To create a broad application area, FORUS shredders are being offered with a classical synchronized shredding or the asynchronous shredding process. FORUS machines therefore belong to most universal dual shaft shredders on the entry-level market.

With the TEUTON Z 55, the Eggersmann Group offers a premium class single shaft shredder that can be used in the most diverse applications. The machine is usable from pre-shredding to creating a clean end product and also offers highest throughputs.

Terra Select, a company that also belongs to Eggersmann Group, is a specialist for screening and separation technology and has a wide array of machines for the processing of wood and biomass. The star screen S 60 is designed for high-volume streams and can refine the fine grain of < 10 mm as well as coarse grain of 150 mm in one operation. The result is a marketable product. Feeding the S 60 can either be done by a wheel loader or the TEUTON shredder.

If the work is to be done by trommel screening instead of star screening, three fractions in one operation are still desired. For this application, the double trommel devices of Terra Select are the right choice. The double trommel screen DT 60 is perfectly suited for volumes up to 120 m³/h and refines fine and coarse grain in one step. In woodchips, a fine grain screening from < 4 mm, 4-25 mm and > 25 mm is possible.

The last step in processing waste wood or biomass as fuel is mostly the separation of impurities - especially stones. For this kind of task, the Terra Select windsifter W 80 is the best match.

TEUTON Z 55 with Trommel Screen T 60.
TEUTON Z 55 with Terra Select Star Screen S 60.