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​ProfitGuard introduces cloud based infrastructure for credit risk management and risk monitoring in metals industry

ProfitGuard (PG), a leading provider of business credit information to the metals industry, is excited to unveil its redesigned platform that the company says will revolutionize the way credit professionals in the metals industry make credit decisions and consume information.  PG has partnered with Credit2B, a leading cloud data and technology provider to the trade credit community, to provide a unique solution.  The release is the 2nd Phase of PG’s brand modernization strategy that includes a website redesign and a totally new user experience.  

The upgrade will leverage the latest technology, empowered by PG’s exclusive credit network which brings trade payment contributors in the metals industry together and provides state of the art credit risk management tools and information along with enhanced risk monitoring.   

“The best credit decisions are made with objective information reviewed by an experienced eye.  Our new platform will harness the power of these items into one system, making credit decisions more effective than ever” says Jason Dworin, Director of PG.

PG’s credit management platform powered by Credit2B truly provides a start to finish credit risk solution including:
• PG Credit Network: An exclusive network of suppliers to the metals industry will now have the ability to communicate confidentially on their common customers, within anti-trust compliance, to provide credit insight to each other, while also viewing their respective trade data in real-time.
• PG Score: An enhanced version of ProfitGuard’s proprietary default score which predicts the likelihood of a customer experiencing a default or insolvency within the next 12 months.
• PQI Score: A new credit score that will integrate metal industry payment information into PG’s platform.   The PQI, developed by Credit2B in partnership with ProfitGuard’s credit network, is a highly predictive score based on a weighted payment trend scoring index and predicts the probability of prompt payment.  
• Ask an Analyst: ProfitGuard’s analysts will now be accessible through the new platform to answer your unique questions on credit decisions, your customers, or whatever expertise you may require.
• Risk Monitoring: PG’s existing alert service has been greatly enhanced to provide more customization, allowing you to choose what info to monitor and the frequency with which it is delivered to you.  

There will be additional tools as well such as a portfolio dashboard to view and manage your key customers.

ProfitGuard says their experienced analyst team remains its competitive advantage and will now be more accessible through the user platform and be able to deliver more timely information.   

“When making a tough credit decision, the human insight adds a tremendous amount of value to our client’s credit decision process” says David Gibson, PG’s Chief Operating Officer.  

The new platform allows PG to combine its proprietary credit data from multiple resources, credit ratings, financial information, and intelligence from the PG Credit Network and deliver it in a faster more user friendly format.  Credit2B’s technology will also allow PG to connect thousands of leading credit professionals with a common interest in accessing better credit insights about their common customers. 

“PG’s new exclusive credit network is much like a traditional credit group except it’s always at your fingertips, more global and easy to expand by adding more trade supplier connections in the network” says Craig Bonnell, PG’s President.   

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