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WENDT CORPORATION Announces First Modular Shredding System Installation in Mexico

WENDT CORPORATION Announces First Modular Shredding System Installation in Mexico

Mexico-based Roca Acero S.A. de C.V., a scrap management and recycling company, has installed a WENDT M6090 shredding plant and non-ferrous recovery system from WENDT CORPORATION. The installation represents the first modular shredder installed in the country and offers Roca Acero an increased competitive advantage with the shredders additional processing capacity.

Roca Acero was founded in 1985 and has been dedicated to the purchase of industrial scrap, sorting it and then selling it according to the needs and requirements of steel mills. Since that time the company has expanded its processing capabilities from segregation and torch cutting of scrap to diversifying its business with the addition of ferrous and non-ferrous processing equipment including shears, balers and now an automobile shredder. Today, Roca is a scrap processor market leader with a processing yard in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon and four feeder yards across the north of Mexico.

“We have very high expectations since we are changing our product offering capacities, improving the quality and added value of our product from shear material up to a shred material. Besides this, we are now able to recover the metal content in end of life vehicles and mixed scrap,” said Roca CEO, Rodolfo Camarillo Montemayor. The addition of the shredder and non-ferrous plant will allow Roca to provide a higher value product that they can market directly to steel mills. “Our processing capacity has been increased, and we expect to deliver to our customers a more clean and dense product.”

The modular design and product attributes of the M6090 were attractive features that ultimately led Roca to purchase the shredder plant from WENDT. “We started contacts at an ISRI exhibition and from there WENDT took us to see a demonstration of one of their shredders. We really liked the modular features of the WENDT design, including the simple foundations that are needed for installation,” Camarillo said. The WENDT M6090 shredder is built with a modular design that greatly reduces overall installation time and costs as well as offers economical and efficiency benefits. “After analyzing different options and evaluating several equipment demonstrations that were presented to us by different companies, WENDT was the one that gave us more confidence and assurance in all their processes.”

Roca prides itself on a high level of customer service and expanding their processing capabilities was part of an overall company strategy to position themselves as a market leader. “Our company is always looking for continuous improvement and to offer a better service to our customers and suppliers,” said Camarillo. “We want to give our customer not only the best service but also a product that satisfies their needs and with the highest added value. The WENDT auto shredder completes our offering by producing higher grades of products that gives us a competitive advantage in a very complicated and competitive market.”

Roca Acero’s state-of-the-art facility features a modular M6090 shredder with industry leading Bowe Disc Rotor and a 2,500-horsepower motor. The shredder plant is equipped with an infeed conveyor, AutoDriver controls and includes a downstream system with dual magstand that will produce a high quality, low copper ferrous shred. WENDT has also supplied Roca with a non-ferrous recovery system that features magnetic drum separators and WENDT/MagPro Ellipto eddy current separators. Roca Acero’s new auto shredder operation was installed and commissioned in January 2017 and the company plans to process up to 12,000 tons per month of cars and mixed scrap on a single shift. Camarillo states, “Our growth strategy will be strengthened with the WENDT auto shredder, we look forward to reaching our goal of doubling our operation volumes and solidifying our presence in both national and international markets.”

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