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Haver & Boecker Hydro-Clean 1000 Wash Plant offers semi-portability on custom skid structure

Haver & Boecker Hydro-Clean 1000 Wash Plant offers semi-portability on custom skid structure

Haver & Boecker introduced the skid-mounted Hydro-Clean 1000 Wash Plant as a complete solution at CONEXPO. In addition to a Hydro-Clean 1000 washing system combined with a Tyler L-Class vibrating rinse screen, Haver & Boecker now offers semi-portability by mounting the complete system on a custom skid structure. The opportunity to purchase the three components together saves operations months of time they would have spent on designing and building a skid structure for a wash plant. The new package delivers maximum serviceability in a small footprint.

“We’re always looking for ways to solve our customers’ problems and improve their productivity and efficiency,” said Karen Thompson, president of Haver & Boecker Canada. “By offering the Hydro-Clean 1000 Wash Plant, we’re saving producers from spending extensive time on engineering and manufacturing a structure for a wash plant. This gives them an opportunity to focus their time and money on improving profits elsewhere in their operations.”

Haver & Boecker combines the Hydro-Clean 1000, a single-deck, linear-stroke, 6-by-16-foot Tyler L-Class horizontal vibrating rinse screen and a skid structure to create the compact wash plant. The system processes as much as 200 tph of sellable product with its short retention times, using minimal water and power. During the cleaning process, the washed material works its way down the HC1000’s drum and exits onto a discharge conveyor that leads to the L-Class wash screen. The vibrating screen removes any remaining dirt or clay still on the stone as it fractionates the material. Haver & Boecker engineers drew on their extensive experience to design and build a skid structure perfectly suited for the semi-portable system.

Taking feed material as large as 6 inches (150 millimeters) into its 40-inch vertical drum, the Hydro-Clean 1000 employs 2,000 psi high-pressure nozzles, rotating at 90 rpm, to remove silt and clay particles as small as 63 microns from mineral mixtures.

The wash plant’s other major component, the L-Class vibrating screen, uses a double-shaft overhead drive system, with direct-mounted motors, to provide multiple speed and stroke combinations in a compact design. With a horizontal screen, material spends more time on the deck for optimal cleanliness.

The HC1000 Wash Plant includes serviceability features for maximum convenience and safety. Haver & Boecker manufactures the plant with stairs, eliminating the dangers of carrying parts and tools up ladders. In addition, mechanics can easily use the plant’s catwalks and platforms to reach service points, such as spray nozzles.

Haver & Boecker can engineer wash plants to customer specifications by, for example, including a different size or type of vibrating screen, more decks or a different Hydro-Clean model.

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