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​RIOS and CARI Join Forces to Promote Recycling Standards

Canadian Association of Recycling Industries first outside of U.S. to join Affiliate Association program

​RIOS and CARI Join Forces to Promote Recycling Standards

The Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS™) and Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI) have announced the formation of a partnership, making CARI the first association outside of the United States to join RIOS’ Affiliate Association program. This partnership will provide additional member benefits to CARI’s members and provide a platform for RIOS to continue to grow globally. 

 “We are excited to partner with a global certification system that has been designed expressly for the recycling industry,” said Tracy Shaw, president of CARI. “CARI and its members prioritize the safe and environmentally sound handling of recyclables, and we believe RIOS certification will offer CARI members an economic and environmental advantage.”
As part of the partnership, CARI members will receive access to RIOS tools, resources, and membership at the Affiliated Association rate, which is a 50 percent of the standard rate. Through this partnership, CARI and its members will be armed with the RIOS™ management system development resources that will allow them to improve their operations, and become safer, more efficient, and even more environmentally responsible facilities. 
“CARI is an amazing association that has worked hard for many years to improve recycling across Canada, said Darrell Kendall,” RIOS Executive Director. “We, at RIOS, couldn’t be more excited to partner with them to provide their members with the tools and information to improve Environmental and Health and Safety program within the industry throughout Canada.”  

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