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​WINTERIZING YOUR BUSINESS: A few tips from the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

​WINTERIZING YOUR BUSINESS: A few tips from the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

With the winter months upon us, it is important to protect your business from any weather damage caused by storms and dipping temperatures. Assessing and preparing your property for winter as early as possible is the best way to prevent unnecessary damage.

Begin by touring facilities to determine if there is any damage to structures. Look for cracks in concrete and any bending or twisting of wooden or metal structures. Structural integrity is the key to protecting roofing from collapsing under the weight of snowfalls and drifts. If you are concerned about any damage or wear that you see, consider hiring a structural engineer to assess any problem areas.

While you assess your property, ensure roof drains and downspouts are clear to drain away melting snow. Consider where ice will accumulate and melt, and determine whether any equipment or materials will need to be relocated during the winter season.

Review snow removal procedures and associated contracts and ensure procedures and responsibilities are clear between you and the snow removal professionals you deal with. Ensure you are prepared to hire a professional to remove snow from your roof, if required.

Prevent flooding by keeping all drains and sewers clear of debris. Check emergency procedures for winter storms, and ensure any snow removal plans take into consideration the location of fire hydrants and emergency exit routes.

This short article is reprinted from CARI's The Prompt, VOLUME 8, No. 12, December 2016. Visit

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