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RIOS to release new standard, updated membership pricing

RIOS to release new standard, updated membership pricing

The Global Recycling Standards Organization, the home of RIOS-The Recycling Industry Operating Standard recently announced that RIOS:2016 will be released on November 1, 2016. Designed specifically for the recycling industry, RIOS:2016 integrates the best practices in Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety management systems into one streamlined certification program. The new standard includes updated terminology, stronger requirements around health and safety, and greater focus on the needs of the global recycling industry.

In conjunction with the release of RIOS:2016, the Global Recycling Standards Organization announces a change to its membership dues that will make RIOS more accessible to the entire recycling industry. The new pricing structure decreases the standard membership rate by nearly 40%, and provides greater incentive to companies to implement and pursue certification at all of their locations.

“Recyclers all over the world are dedicated to providing their employees with safe workplaces, and being environmentally responsible members of the community,” said Darrell Kendall, Executive Director of RIOS. “RIOS:2016, through its requirements and the changes that it will foster in facilities all over the world is the tool that can help the industry take the next step. The new standard, coupled with the reduced membership costs make it possible for all facilities, no matter where they operate or what products they are recycling, to improve their safety culture, environmental impacts, and the quality of material they are producing.”

Licensed copies of RIOS:2016 will be sent to all active RIOS members on November 1, 2016. The updated membership pricing will take effect immediately for new members of RIOS, and will be reflected in the 2017 membership renewal process for current members.

The new pricing structure is included below:

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