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Wastequip unveils Compology roll-off container management calculator

Calculator shows increased container revenue with the Compology solution

Wastequip unveils Compology roll-off container management calculator

Wastequip, as part of its exclusive partnership with San Francisco-based Compology, has added an interactive calculator to its website to illustrate the additional revenue waste haulers can realize by using the Compology roll-off container management solution. Compology allows haulers to increase roll-off container turns and boost their revenue through accurate, real-time container monitoring.

The interactive calculator allows users to enter the number of roll-off trucks they run daily along with their average revenue per haul. Results are displayed side-by-side with Compology and without so users can quickly see the additional container revenue they can realize by installing the Compology solution. The calculator conservatively assumes that waste haulers can reduce the number of days on site per container by just one day, allowing the hauler to redeploy the container to another customer to generate additional revenue. All assumptions made as part of the revenue calculations are clearly detailed within the website.

The Compology system works by using GPS-enabled sensors with cameras that allow real-time location and fullness monitoring from a web-based dashboard. This allows waste haulers to proactively manage their roll-off container inventory and know the last time the container was emptied. Using this information, haulers can reduce the number of lost or stolen containers and improve customer service by proactively scheduling pick-ups when needed rather than on a set schedule. Haulers benefit through reduced equipment purchases and greater revenues from improved asset management and deployment.

“Wastequip is excited to provide this new calculator to help haulers quickly understand the financial benefits of using Compology’s roll-off container management solution,” said Kirk Warren, director of product management for Wastequip’s steel division. “As the waste industry continues to evolve and focus on more efficient and effective methods of tracking and deploying containers and other assets, we’re excited to be able to offer a solution for our customers.”

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