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XR shredder achieves global success

The XR mobil-e can be easily moved to any spot via remote control.
The XR mobil-e can be easily moved to any spot via remote control.

According to UNTHA, their new XR mobil-e has dominated headlines in recent months. But while eyes may have been on this latest waste shredding innovation, the highly-acclaimed static XR has also achieved significant global success. With its two pioneering cutting concepts, high throughputs, energy efficiency, application flexibility and low operating costs, Untha's XR made a big impact when it was launched in 2014, according to the company, featuring the ability to produce a high quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) in a single pass, for instance, with double the output per tonnage of competing machines. Within months of release, Untha says this innovative waste shredder was attracting varied international inquiries, not just from the countries where subsidiary companies are situated. Fast forward to the present day, the XR has been selected to play a prominent part in dozens of waste to energy projects worldwide.

To date, the shredder has been sold to multiple sites in the UK, Germany, Austria and France, plus Ireland, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, Mexico, the USA, South Korea and Vietnam.

These projects see the XR - renowned as one of the most flexible waste shredders on the market - processing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Commercial & Industrial waste, production waste, bulky waste and pulper ropes, to name just a few applications. In some instances the technology is acting as a robust pre shredder, whereas on other sites it provides a single step shredding solution for Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) production.

Commenting on the success of the machine to date, the head of UNTHA's waste division Peter Streinik said: "We knew the XR had the potential to change the way operators process waste and produce alternative fuels.

It's quieter, more environmentally sound, easier to maintain and cheaper to run than its counterparts in the market. It's safe to say the team is delighted by the global impact it is has had in only a short space of time."

The mobile version of this shredder - the XR mobil-e - is currently on a demonstration roadshow throughout Europe. To arrange to see the machine in operation under real shredding conditions, call 0043 624 470 160 or email [email protected].

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