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MiaSolé FLEX-02 modules ideal for geo-membrane solar landfill covers

Landfills prove to be great location for solar power

MiaSolé flexible solar modules are a perfect for sloped landfill sites where conventional solar arrays cannot be installed.
MiaSolé flexible solar modules are a perfect for sloped landfill sites where conventional solar arrays cannot be installed.

MiaSolé FLEX modules provide the ideal solution for solar power generation on exposed geo-membrane landfill covers. Landfills are located on large, open areas with no commercial or agriculture use or value—perfect for solar installations. Landfills provide a large power-generation area and fewer shading issues when compared to rooftop solar, and adding solar modules to landfill covers is an excellent complement to landfill gas technology to increase overall energy output.

Closing and sealing landfills with a synthetic TPO geo-membrane cover reduces costs compared to conventional standard subtitle D methods. MiaSolé flexible solar modules can be bonded directly to the geo-membrane cover, providing power generation capability. Geo-membrane covers and flexible modules are a perfect combination for sloped landfill sites where conventional solar arrays cannot be installed due to slope and live-load limitations.

MiaSolé FLEX modules provide the following benefits when used on landfill covers:

  • Easy to install—simply peel-and-stick module onto the membrane used to contain, cover and close the landfill
  • MiaSolé FLEX modules can be factory laminated to the TPO geo-membrane to speed up installation
  • Non-penetration installation protects the environment
  • Flexible—conforms to the contours of the landfill and accommodates differential settlement
  • Resistant to theft and vandalism
  • Wind- and seismic-resistant
  • Shatter-proof—won’t break if struck by debris

MiaSolé FLEX-02 modules are the highest efficiency, flexible, thin-film product on the market today, with >16% cell efficiency. FLEX-02 modules weigh less than 0.7 lb/sq ft compared to 3-5 lbs. /sq ft for crystalline modules and do not require racking—they can be installed directly onto the membrane with peel-and-stick application. The FLEX-02 Series module is IEC 61646 & IEC 61730 and UL 1703 certified.

According to Product Marketing Director Anil Vijayendran, “MiaSolé’s FLEX module is an important component in the drive to increase the use of solar on all available surfaces for maximum power generation. The flexible lightweight nature of the MiaSolé FLEX module combined with the fact that customers don’t need to install expensive and cumbersome racking makes MiaSolé perfect for including solar power on landfill covers”. 

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