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Redhead Equipment takes over SENNEBOGEN sales & service in Saskatchewan

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One of the largest heavy equipment dealers in Saskatchewan, Redhead Equipment, now offers sales, parts, service, and financing on SENNEBOGEN material handling equipment.

Constantino Lannes, President of SENNEBOGEN LLC, announced Redhead’s appointment as the latest addition to the SENNEBOGEN distributor family. “With seven locations from Lloydminster to Swift Current and more than 100 technicians in the province, Redhead can provide fast, reliable service for SENNEBOGEN customers,” says Lannes. “As a matter of fact, they have already scheduled a number of their techs to come to Stanley for training before Christmas – that’s commitment.”

“What sets us apart is our long history of parts and service support in Saskatchewan,” says Gary Redhead, President and CEO of Redhead Equipment. “We’re well respected in the industry. We have a reputation for getting the job done.”

Redhead views SENNEBOGEN’s strong reputation for quality as a good fit for his business. “I talked to a lot of dealers, and I never heard a bad thing about SENNEBOGEN anywhere. That’s the kind of partner you want.” He adds that Redhead employees “are definitely very pumped” about extending their lineup with SENNEBOGEN material handlers.

Redhead also likes the fact that SENNEBOGEN has a culture of problem solving for its customers. “SENNEBOGEN is willing to build equipment to solve a particular problem. That means our customers’ choices are truly unlimited,” he says.

SENNEBOGEN applications in mining, steel mills, scrap, forestry & waste

By adding SENNEBOGEN to its product lineup, Redhead can now offer its existing customers a purpose-built choice for their material handling applications. The change will help Redhead staff build on their existing customer relationships in a variety of industries. Redhead also identified applications for SENNEBOGEN equipment within the scrap, steel and forestry industries. With a Forestry Specialist on staff, he plans to begin demonstrating SENNEBOGEN forestry equipment soon.

The Power of Choice

As an award-winning Saskatchewan dealer, Redhead prides itself on its customer service.

Over more than 65 years of business, Redhead has earned a stellar reputation in the province. SaskBusiness Magazine has named Redhead Equipment as one of the Top 100 Companies in Saskatchewan for 19 consecutive years. 

SENNEBOGEN- 835 E Material handling

Company info

1957 Sennebogen Trail
Stanley, NC
US, 28164


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Box 9191, Hwy 16 N
Regina, SK
CA, S4N 7L2


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