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EddyCan sorter a new way of separating aluminium from recycling streams

EddyCan sorter is the latest addition to the range of eddy current non-ferro metal separators.
EddyCan sorter is the latest addition to the range of eddy current non-ferro metal separators.

At the 2015 RWM exhibition in Birmingham, England, Goudsmit Magnetics displayed a range of products, in collaboration with All Controls, including the recently developed EddyCan sorter. According to Goudsmit, this is a new way of separating aluminium from recycling streams, cost-effectively and with a high separation yield.

Over the past few years rising raw material prices and limited sources have made aluminium recycling very profitable. The sorter is intended for recovery of aluminium from product streams with a relatively low bulk density (generally under 300 kg/m3) and is used by general system integrators, material recovery facility (MRF) installation builders, etc. The EddyCan sorter is the latest addition to the range of eddy current non-ferro metal separators and is compact and easily integrated into processing installations, whether pre-existing or in the process of being built.

The EddyCan Sorter is designed around a very powerful Neodymium 12-pole eccentric magnetic rotor with an extra deep field for a strong grip on larger aluminium metal particles.

The design is based on an eccentric magnetic rotor mounted in the middle of the reversing drum. This influences the moment at which the metal particle is ejected and prevents the metal particles from sticking to the drum, which would otherwise cause unnecessary belt wear. The deep magnetic field gives this unit a high processing capacity. The magnetic rotor turns at a maximum of 2000 rpm and is externally driven by a motor, directly via the shaft.

The machine is fitted standard with a 4 mm thick PVC belt, driven by an integrated Van der Graaf drum motor. The standard sorter also includes a product guidance stretcher and simple control box. A vibratory chute and separation bin are available separately. The belt can be easily replaced by dividing the machine in half and supporting the belt on a handy, extendible profile. This reduces the downtime and provides very convenient access to the machine for any other service activities. Working width EC sorter: 1000 and 1500 mm. 

EddyCan sorter separates aluminium from recycling streams.

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