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EPR Canada Releases 2014 Extended Producer Responsibility Report Card

British Columbia earns 'A', programs highest grade ever

EPR Canada Releases 2014 Extended Producer Responsibility Report Card

EPR Canada has released its third scored report card assessing the progress made by federal, provincial and territorial governments in adopting extended producer responsibility (EPR) policies and programs in compliance with their commitment to the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) Canada-wide Action Plan on EPR.

According to EPR Canada, top score for policies and programs carried out in 2014 has gone to the Province of British Columbia which garnered an overall A, the highest grade EPR Canada has ever awarded under its report card program. BC shared top score, a B+, with Quebec in the previous scored report card and took top honours in the first report card published in 2012 with an A-.

As is EPR Canada's practice, the report card includes a jurisdiction by jurisdiction review of the progress made during the program year. Included in this year's report card is not only "Highlights of the Year's Responses" but also a quick reference "Summary of Jurisdictions' Key EPR Characteristics" which illustrates the status of the jurisdictions' progress measured against a number of the questions posed in the EPR Canada questionnaire. (See the 2014 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Report Card.)

Individual scores with comparisons to 2013 were:

In recognition that implementing EPR policies and programs take time, EPR Canada published an EPR Summary Report in 2013 instead of a scored report card. The next and final scored report card will be published in 2017 covering the 2016 program year.

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