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Mobile press shears put high production on the road

Mobile press shears put high production on the road

Vezzani’s new mobile VS model pre-compression shears, offered in two models (VS 600 and VS 700) are designed for reduced energy costs and increased profitability, and utilize the same highly efficient gravity feed system that Vezzani patented for its acclaimed PC/AC stationary shears.  

According to Gabriele Merlo, Business Development Director at Vezzani, the company’s goal in developing the VS Series was to engineer a light, compact and transportable unit that could be manufactured and supported to the same high quality standard as Vezzani’s stationary machines.  

“The VS Series fills our product portfolio with a product that can help small companies to grow their business,” says Merlo. “It gives owner-operators and small crews a flexible piece of machinery that can travel anywhere, and go right to work without installing a foundation or pit or electrical lines.”  

Units are ideal for operations needing to process material directly on site and then ship finished product immediately to its final destination. According to Vezzani, field trials on customer job sites have shown the VS transportable shear is meeting company design goals of achieving greater than 20 tons/hour of dense, high grade material. Customers have been especially pleased with the unit’s ability to load oversize material, and to minimize the time required for pre-cutting. Vezzani says this is achieved as a result of the adaptation of the company’s patented inclined-plane gravity feed system. Plus, the unit’s powerful side compression and cutting operations cycle continuously, so no time or energy is wasted on the job site.  

The simplicity of the feed system also saves costs. A single operator can load the feed box and operate the shear through a remote control system from the cab of any standard loader, and all types of material, including bulky and long-dimensioned scrap, can be loaded in to the large open target of the feed box, which is inclined to a 30-degree angle. The operator never has to stop loading to process a batch, as the material automatically advances into the side compression chamber. In addition, a new evacuation system developed by Vezzani gives the operator more flexibility for transloading finished material to trucks.

“Our support concept begins with minimizing the number of moving parts in the machine. Now there is less to go wrong. Using the highest grade steels, we bolt on our wear plates, even though it costs less to weld. We do it this way because it lets clients replace just a small part instead of the entire plate. This means less maintenance costs and it also makes the plates easier to uninstall.”   Merlo says that Vezzani’s factory support team actually travels along with the VS shear, thanks to a remote “teleservice” communications system built into every unit.   

“To ensure maximum utilization of each piece of equipment, we include advanced training for operators and technicians with the purchase of the machine, so our customers are well prepared to handle most of their own troubleshooting...” Merlo says. “But if they do run into a problem, our factory team can dial in and run diagnostics wherever the shear is working. In most cases, that’s enough to resolve the issue. If not, we’ll have a technician on site within 48 hours.”

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