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Container Line fabric building series

Container Line fabric building series

Calhoun Super Structure recently announced the official unveiling of a new building series, the Container Line (CL). According to Calhoun, this is the first-ever fabric building in the industry designed and engineered exclusively for container use only. The CL buildings series is engineered site-specific to suit any location in North America, and can be used as either a temporary or permanent structure.

This series is available in widths of 32-, 36-, 40- and 50 feet. The standard series CL building, 40 feet by 40 feet, can be installed in just two days. Calhoun says their fabric building structures are a great alternative to traditional wood or steel buildings because of the substantial cost-savings – for the initial purchase and installation, as well as maintenance. In addition, the structures’ framework is hot-dipped galvanized, which prevents rusting and corrosion, and offers a free-span interior and natural light, making the resulting workplace and storage facility extremely functional. 

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