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Diagonal-Shaft Wringer Reclaims Cutting Fluids

Diagonal-Shaft Wringer Reclaims Cutting Fluids

PRAB’s Diagonal-Shaft Wringer reclaims costly cutting fluids and produces valuable dry chips, which ensures compliance with regulations when transporting scrap for recycling. Process rates of up to 10,000 pounds/hour can be achieved, and units can be configured with additional chip processing and filtration equipment for a full, turnkey processing system.

Effective chip processing with a PRAB Diagonal-Shaft Wringer allows manufacturers to increase the value of aluminum, brass, steel, cast iron and alloys, lower hazardous waste disposal costs, and reclaim valuable coolants for recycling or reuse. Features include: 700 Gs of centrifugal force that separates chips from fluid; gravity or air discharge units for efficient chip handling; and high output with fully automatic operation. Five models in three sizes are available.

DualPak Briquetter reclaims up to 99 percent of fluids

PRAB’s DualPak briquetter adds value to scrap, reduces volumes and transportation costs. Units will help manufacturers comply with regulations by removing hazardous cutting fluid from material, and help recapture coolant and lubricant. Augers feed wet chips or swarf into a compression chamber where opposing hydraulic cylinders press the metal and squeeze out any fluid to create a compact, dry briquette. As part of a scrap recycling and fluid reclamation system, DualPak can be combined with PRAB’s wringers, crushers, conveyors, and liquid-solid and liquid-liquid filtration technologies. 

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