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New UNTHA Waste Shredder Revolutionising SRF Production Worldwide

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Interest in UNTHA’s revolutionary XR-C waste shredder is gathering pace, as enquiries flood in from alternative fuel producers worldwide.

UNTHA shredding technology is currently working on proposals for more than 250 global prospects, eager to reap the benefits of this innovative new technology. And European orders for the high value capital equipment stand at 5.000.000 EUR for the last six months, with Swiss-based Holcim and SITA the most recent clients to invest in the machine.

The robust XR Cutter is attracting so much attention due to its ability to produce a high quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) in a single pass, with double the output per tonnage of competing machines. This is no mean feat considering bulky untreated waste can be fed in as input material. When comparing like-for-like tonnages, the XR uses 50% less power consumption than competitors’ traditional static electro-hydraulic shredders. In contrast to competing mobile diesel shredders, the XR’s power savings can reach up to 220%.

This is achievable thanks to UNTHA’s completely new high torque, slow speed ‘Eco Drive’ concept. Modern water-cooled synchronous motors work continuously without overheating, ensuring minimal disruption and highly sought-after uptime. This also keeps ongoing running and maintenance charges minimal, with typical wear costs significantly less than €1 per tonne.

Commenting on the XR’s popularity, Peter Streinik, UNTHA’s Head of Shredding Solutions for Waste said: “The beauty of the XR machine is its flexibility. The cutting concept is completely configurable, enabling alternative fuel producers to manufacture an RDF with a homogenous pre-determined particle size of 100-400mm, or a precise SRF with a 30mm fraction or less. Load-dependents speed controls also enable the XR’s RPM and torque to be adjusted and optimised, in order to achieve throughputs of up to 70 tonnes per hour. And of course, the fact that the XR provides the most cost effective way to produce SRF in a single pass, is a key selling point!

“I think Waste to Energy operators also realise that to truly commit to the global sustainability agenda, they should consider the energy efficiency of their WtE plants, not just the renewable nature of their finished product. In doing so, they can transform the profitability of their production systems, whilst being kinder to the environment too.”

The benefits of this cleverly designed technology do not stop there. Following four years of intensive research, development and engineering, plus a substantial €20m investment, UNTHA have been able to manufacture a shredder which puts the safety and wellbeing of the operator first. An ergonomically considered construction ensures operators can service and maintain the XR quickly, safely and in an upright position. What’s more, the machine runs incredibly quietly – below 70dB(A) when empty and less than 80dB(A) when processing waste. At these levels, hearing would not be damaged, therefore ear protection is not required. This cannot be said for other marketplace solutions which operate at 85- 110dB(A) and thus require hearing protection to be worn by law.

Peter concludes: “This machine was purposefully designed with the customer in mind. We have worked hard to implement features that will not only benefit the global resource agenda but will, crucially, improve clients’ bottom lines too.”

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