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Carton Council of Canada Appoints Isabelle Faucher as Managing Director

Carton Council of Canada Appoints Isabelle Faucher as Managing Director

Carton Council of Canada (CCC) has announce the appointment of Isabelle Faucher as Managing Director. Building on the progress CCC has made in helping accelerate carton recovery and recycling rates since its inception five years ago, the addition of a dedicated and experienced Managing Director demonstrates its commitment to further strengthen its presence and results in Canada.

Ms. Faucher, who previously was with Reclay StewardEdge, will draw on her extensive expertise and experience in sustainable development, waste management and extended producer responsibility.

“The choice of Isabelle Faucher as Managing Director was a natural one, as she has been an advocate and supporter of ours since 2009. Fluently bilingual, she understands the particularities of each province and has a well-established network of contacts among stakeholders in the value chain,” stated Élisabeth Comere, Vice-President, Governmental Affairs for CCC. “Ms. Faucher will become a highly visible ambassador for carton recycling, and her expertise will guide the mission of CCC,” she concluded.

CCC is strengthening its management team to help achieve its goal of increasing carton recycling in Canada. The Managing Director will further enhance CCC’s efforts to drive collaboration among key stakeholders that can effectively grow carton recycling, ensure adequate legislation and promote greater understanding of carton recycling throughout the value chain.

“The process is a lengthy one, and the involvement of every player is essential to finding sustainable solutions for the future. We need to build engagement and drive collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders, which I am fully committed to do. Cartons are an environmentally-friendly choice, and I look forward to the stimulating challenge of sharing this message,” affirmed Isabelle Faucher.

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