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Tire Protection Chains Can Extend Working Life of Tires by As Much As 10 Times

Tire Protection Chains Can Extend Working Life of Tires by As Much As 10 Times

The Erlau Group’s presence in Europe, North and South America, and Asia comprises seven companies, between them operating 15 plants devoted to the collection and storage of some 3,500 metric tonnes per month of scrap metals and raw materials, as well as a foundry for the manufacture of semi-finished, ferrous alloys and cast iron products such as manhole covers.

The company’s scrap, which is principally ferrous and stainless steel, is treated to remove contaminants before being processed to separate its constituent parts. The recovered copper, brass, zinc, zamac, nickel, nickel alloys, silver, monel, titanium and aluminum is re-distributed to steel mills, foundries and other businesses in Europe and worldwide.

The company’s GERITALL DUE plant, in the city of Montichiari near Brescia, Italy, specializes in the processing of stainless steel turnings and calibrated, shredded stainless steel produced by steel mills.

For versatility, the plant relies on a 24-hp Volvo L120 wheel loader equipped with a three cubic metre bucket to shift mountains of scrap metal for separation and recycling. The loader’s 23.5-25 tires are fully protected from piercing and cuts by a set of Erlau FELS DURO X14 tire protection chains (TPC).

These chains are one example of Erlau’s Ring-Link system. A mesh of 14 mm connecting rings with hardened, profiled link surfaces provides high wear-resistance for medium-sized truck and loader tires operating in demanding applications such as scrap-handling, open-cast mining, at hard rock quarries, steelwoks and underground.

Erlau says their TPC extends the working life of tires by as much as ten times – improving uptime and productivity, and dramatically reducing cost-per-loaded-tonne.

As well as protecting tires in scrap metal handling, ERLAU TPCs are ideal for application in the steel making industry. Pot Carrier tires can be protected by Erlau FELS JUMBO Plus X16 TPCs or FELS IMPERIAL X 19 TPCs as can the tires of wheel loaders shifting slag from the dump to the waste recovery facility where the residual steel and spent limestone are separated for re-use. Burnt limestone dust can be used to make building blocks and the recovered steel is sent for re-smelting.

According to Erlau, slag is unlike any other material. Not only is cooling slag highly abrasive but it creates extremely hot surfaces over which loaders have to park and manoeuvre. The close self-cleaning mesh of Erlau FELS JUMBO X16 and FELS IMPERIAL X 19 TPCs wrap around the entire tire, absorbing heat, preventing side-wall damage, eliminating abrasion and, most importantly, keeping carriers and loaders on the job.

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