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Oxford Instruments Raises the Bar for Scrap Metals Analysis

New, High-Performance Handheld XRF Analyser

Oxford Instruments Raises the Bar for Scrap Metals Analysis

Oxford Instruments Raises the Bar for Scrap Metals Analysis with New, High-Performance Handheld XRF Analyser

Scrap metal processing and recycling operations worldwide are set to boost their throughput and profitability with the announcement of the all-new X-MET8000 handheld (X-ray fluorescence) XRF analyser. This latest analyser from Oxford Instruments enables reliable, uninterrupted alloy identification, all-day long, in all weathers, adding value at every stage of the metal recycling process.

More productive metals recycling from fast, reliable analysis

At the scrap yard, dealers are able to quickly sort mixed scrap, separating materials of low and higher values with alloy grades being qualified through the X-MET’s comprehensive grade library, the largest library on the market. Using the X-MET8000, recycled material can be accurately quantified through elemental analysis, ensuring that the correct quality of scrap metal goes forward to the melt. Even miniscule percentages of tramp elements, which may dangerously degrade the final alloy, can be determined prior to further processing, resulting in consistent analysis, securing the best price for incoming and outgoing scrap material.

Optimised geometry of the large-area SDD (silicon drift detector) and the high performance X-ray tube deliver exceptional speed and superior sensitivity. Light elements analysis (from Mg to S) can be achieved in only a few seconds meaning commercial alloys such as aluminium, titanium, bronze and high temperature alloys can be identified reliably and extremely fast. Battery life does not suffer either. With an uninterrupted full working day of 10-12 hours and initial start-up taking only seconds, large volumes of scrap metal can be sorted without user fatigue – the ergonomic X-MET8000 is perfectly balanced and lightweight at only 1.5kg (3.3lb).

Ease of use and low cost of ownership

The integrated bright, high contrast 11cm (4.3”) LCD touchscreen ensures optimal outdoor viewing, even in direct sunlight. An easy-to-read interface coupled with large functional icons make the instrument simple and quick to use, even with gloves on.

An extremely volatile metals commodity price is today introducing additional pressures on the need to accurately and quickly sort recycled metals. Protecting man-hours is always at the forefront of the X-MET’s capabilities – there are no tools required to replace the quick-swap analysis window. Designed with low cost of ownership in mind, the rugged enclosure and IP54 rating (NEMA 3) withstand the harshest working environments and an optional shield protects the detector and X-ray tube when testing small or pointed objects - eliminating potential downtime due to costly repairs.

The flexible and easily customisable results screen means that only crucial information is displayed, ensuring the decision-making process is always optimised.

Christelle Petiot, Product Manager, Oxford Instruments, said “The scrap metal and recycling industry has become integrated part of society, ensuring fewer natural resources are being used with less energy consumed. At Oxford Instruments, we have now raised the bar with the introduction of the X-MET8000 and in-turn the productivity gains that can be delivered across the metals recycling industry”. 

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