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Mobile Reporting App for Recyclers

Mobile Reporting App for Recyclers

CieTrade, a leading provider of recycling software and information technology for commodity trading, has unveiled a new mobile reporting app called cieMobile. Provided exclusively for the benefit of recycling companies already using cie software, cieMobile provides real-time access to detailed account information and key management reports from any Apple mobile device.

According to David Haber, president of cieTrade Systems, "cieMobile offers our clients a value-added solution to provide sales reps. with fast, timely access to vital account information from the road or anywhere else. It includes tools that can help increase productivity and improve customer service, such as access to account information, open receivables, shipments, adjustments, order status and more. It can even make phone calls, provide driving directions and send email messages from your account lists.”

“For managers and stakeholders, cieMobile offers a dashboard with high-level reports including the latest information on revenue, purchases, tonnage trends, open shipments and more,” continues Haber. “It's the most powerful reporting app that we've ever offered, providing fast access to data and a rich, customizable, reporting capability, all packaged in a modern iOS7 interface.”

CieMobile is compatible with all versions of cieTrade without the need for additional software or middleware.

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