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The next generation in cart design

The next generation in cart design

MGB carts from Speed Eco are designed with a patented spherical bottom that ensures carts are completely emptied, with no residues sticking to the bottom. These carts are optimized for side-loading collection vehicles, and with their unique bottom shape and rounded, conically tapered sides, are ideally suited for manual or automated collection as well as rinsing vehicles. Speed Eco MGB carts with spherical bottoms provide noise-reduction, 20 percent faster emptying, high resistance to cold and hot temperatures, as well as increased safety for operators, along with high acceptance from the public due to the consistent cleanliness of the carts.

“In 20 years the only focus in the cart industry has been to make them cheaper,” says Speed Eco President Paul Speed, a 20-year industry veteran. “Speed Eco’s mission is to bring innovation into the cart industry and by doing so increase sustainability to recycling and composting. By improving how carts work in collection programs and making collection of organics less offensive to households and commercial users of carts, we will increase participation at all levels.”

Speed continues; “This past winter many long time users of compost carts tested our new cart in a very tough Canadian winter. The unique shape and design works and many now have switched.”

According to Jeff Dee, GM, Eastern Sanitation, Antigonish Nova Scotia: “I can say we really found the cart design very helpful, especially this past winter, as it was the toughest winter for us as a hauling company in 12 years. The unique design offers better mobility for the business owner and the driver/operator, and of course the rounded bottom is very good at keeping material from freezing.”

“1n 2013, we focused on organics because that stream is the toughest,” adds Speed. “What works there will work on all streams. And it’s not all about the round bottoms. We also have designs for stronger wheels and lids that seal carts for collection of oils and special materials.”

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