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Scrap Database Purchase Program

Scrap Database Purchase Program

Scrap database purchase program for iPad JPOP is the first scrap and CRV database purchasing program for the iPad platform on the market, and is designed to satisfy all police department requirements for anti-theft regulations. JPOP (junk point of purchase) works with iPad (as well as Android) operating systems, for both 7 (mini) and 10-inch i-Pads. This technology takes pictures from both the back and front of an ID, captures customer faces and then stores information in a database.

JPOP works with air-print printers for cheque printing, and is Bluetooth-capable. It uses an iPad's camera to grab information from U.S. ID cards (as well as South American consulate IDs) and loads it into a customer database automatically.

JPOP also has biometric capabilities and connects with Bluetooth to a fingerprinting device to save customer fingerprint info in its database, and can be integrated to QuickBook for complete bookkeeping records.

Additionally, this paperless technology creates daily cash reconciliation, shipping reports for each material, as well as daily logs for CRV and non-ferrous. Users can text or email receipt/purchase orders, inventory, shipping reports and daily logs right from their iPad, and data is saved in cloud storage. JPOP is designed for flexibility of material pricing structure, and can be connected remotely from anywhere for price changing.

It can also be connected to a cash drawer, for safeguarding cash inside a register.