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Crambo shredder available with mechanical drive

Komptech Crambo Shredder
Komptech Crambo Shredder

According to Komptech, the company’s Crambo shredder is indisputably one of the best machines there is for processing all types of wood and green cuttings. In addition to the existing hydraulic-drive model, there is now a mechanical-drive version – called the Crambo direct. The Crambo direct has a drive train that combines the functionality of hydraulics with the efficiency of a mechanical drive. Komptech says its new mechanical drive with automatic transmission has numerous advantages, such as higher efficiency and lower fuel use, while retaining full functionality such as overload protection, reversing capability and two shredding speeds. Plus, the unit’s degree of shredding can be adjusted flexibly, either by changing the screen basket, or even more conveniently, by changing the entire screen basket cartridge.

Available for use with Crambo shredders, Komptech’s recently introduced Bio-Basket XL is a modified screen basket cartridge, bio-cutter and wide-mesh screen basket. This option is designed to allow biomass processors more production out of green cuttings (approximately 30 percent) while further reducing fuel consumption. The Bio-Basket XL’s large 640 mm by 200 mm holes prevent material from circling around in the shredding compartment, so that woody biomass output retains its desired coarse structure. Plus, due to low friction losses, no extra fine fraction is produced, ensuring maximum quality and quantity of output.

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