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New 2014 McCloskey Feeder Stackers Go From 0° to 29° in No Time Flat

New models offer flat operation, enhanced productivity and easy transport

New 2014 McCloskey Feeder Stackers Go From 0° to 29° in No Time Flat

The new 2014 McCloskey feeder stackers - TF80 and WF80 - have an innovative new feature to enhance and streamline the process of materials handling and stockpiling. In response to customer feedback, the feeder stackers can now operate flat at 0°, for lower stockpiles, while providing controlled flow of material output without blockages, bottlenecking or bridging. Capable of over 1000 TPH, they are ideal for applications like ship loading where there is a need for flat conveyor handling of material as well as stockpiling up to 29°. The wheeled version – WF80 – has a radial axle, and a pivot point that allows the hopper to remain stationary while in operation.

Powered by a 100Hp (75KW) engine, the TF80’s Track Mobility offers superb maneuverability on site and features hydraulic folding for easy transport, resulting in fast on-site setup time – as little as five minutes. With large hydraulic and fuel tanks standard to McCloskey equipment, less time is spent re-fuelling, and more on production.

In addition to the high capacity feed hopper (up to 23.0 cubic yards or 17.3 m3), the 2014 models feature a 1200mm (48”) wide heavy duty 80’ long conveyer and a 1200mm (48”) wide heavy duty feeder. As with all McCloskey equipment, both machines have excellent access for maintenance with open access engine bays, saving time and reducing costs. With additional options like an Aggregate Hopper, Shredder, Tipping Grid or Live Head as well as its high-level standard safety features, the 2014 TF80 and WF80 are the natural choice for stockpiling materials, like wood waste, bark, compost and top soil, all of which are directly fed into the hopper with large loaders and excavators.

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