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265IP Precision Series Compactor

265IP Precision Series Compactor

Wastequip's new 265IP Precision Series Compactor is ideal for walk-up or ground-fed applications, and is the second self-contained model to be offered in the Precision Series compactor line.   Like the 265XP model released in late 2013, the 265IP self-contained model was born from extensive research and testing through simulation of a year of normal to heavy compactor use. The comprehensive benchmarking study determined features deemed most important by end-users, inspiring the design of a complete line of state-of-the-art compactors packed with advanced features.  

Wastequip says the new 265IP Precision Series Compactor is not your typical compactor, and it’s packed with leading-edge features:

• Ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) precision-guided ram is suspended above chamber floor for minimal spring-back, near-frictionless gliding, smoother operation, and reduced wear.

• Large, removable access panel for simple, time-saving inspection, maintenance, and clean-out – up to 33% reduction in maintenance time, so service techs finish faster.

• Heavy-duty rear door with full door seal has an adjustable sliding hinge that draws the door in evenly, containing both odors and liquids.

• Features Wastequip’s popular Guardian Power Unit with Automatic Maintenance Scheduling (AMS) that alerts operators when maintenance is due, and Watch Dog timer that prevents motor burnout.

• Simple, user-friendly controls with push-button start make compactor operation practically effortless (simply load material, turn key to “on” position, and press start button).

• Backed by an industry leading five-year structural warranty.  

“Wastequip is extremely excited to introduce the second model in our Precision Series line – the 265IP two-yard self-contained compactor,” said Kirk Warren, product manager for Wastequip’s technical products division.  

“We’re confident that we’re bringing the world’s best compactors to market, and this new model is a workhorse. After digging through exhaustive research and competitive benchmarking, we invested in designing the Precision Series line to center around application-specific compactors. This new model is perfect for ground-fed operations.”  

Like all Wastequip products, the new 265IP Precision Series self-contained compactor will stand up to the toughest job, with less maintenance and downtime. Priced competitively, the 265IP model is best suited for wet waste; and is ideal for supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, and retail establishments.

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