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Labrie enters into partnership with Myers, Pendpac and Enviroquip

Move meant to increase North American market share

As of mid-December, 2011, Labrie Environmental Group has entered into a new partnership with a group consisting of Myers Power Products Inc., EnviroQuip LLC and Pendpac Products.  

“For several months, I was seeking for a strategic partner that would allow Labrie to grow, gain market share and increase its service and production capabilities in North America.” declared Labrie's Claude Boivin.  

Recognized for its strong and qualified engineering team, Labrie Environmental Group will keep the research and development activities at its corporate office in Saint-Nicolas, Quebec.  Also, some of EnviroQuip LLC activities will be transferred to our head office. Regarding Labrie plus customer support center located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, they will continue servicing all Labrie products, in addition to the newly added line of EnviroQuip and Pendpac products.  

Among the synergies that will be created, according to Labrie, this new partnership will allow Labrie to expand its production on the east coast and on the west coast allowing us to be more effective with the distribution of products. Moreover, the merger with an American company and new production capabilities on the west coast will definitely strengthen Labrie's position in the western and south-western regions, an important market the company has wanted to penetrate for a long time.  Mr. Claude Boivin remains fully in charge of Labrie.

“I am convinced this partnership will bring new success to Labrie. I am looking forward to lead Labrie to new heights” concluded Mr. Boivin.  

Company info

3630 Stearns Drive
P.O. Box 2785
Oshkosh, WI
US, 54903-2785


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