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Spent Lamp Disposal System

Spent Lamp Disposal System

Already used throughout the recycling industry around the globe, the drum-top Lamp Compactor from PestWest USA is ideal for use in low ceiling environments, where space is at a premium. The closed-system will compact all shapes and sizes of spent lamps to a fraction of their original size in just a matter of seconds, while trapping the poisonous mercury that is present in the vapor, and significantly reducing recycling costs.   

PestWest USA says their Spent Lamp Disposal System, whose cost can be amortized over several years because of it’s durability, helps cut labour costs, and can save users up to 50% when used for large quantities of spent lamps. This system also makes the day-to-day operations of a business easier by reducing storage space and the number of required waste pick up calls, while still preventing mercury contamination through accidental breakage.   

PestWest USA also offers a turnkey recycling program called the Mad Hatter Pollution Prevention program, as well as a battery recycling program. These programs are designed as a convenient way for businesses to recycle their spent fluorescent lamps and used batteries. Both the Mad Hatter Pollution Prevention program and the battery recycling program allow for the purchase of recycling services based on individual needs, and remain compliant with environmental regulations.   

The Mad Hatter program offers three easy to use sizes; the medium box which can fit up to 30, 4’ ft. long lamps, the large box which can fit up to 68 4’ ft. long lamps, and the extra-large box which can fit up to 30 8’ ft. long T12 lamps. The Mad Hatter Pollution Prevention program has a convenient pricing system which includes everything needed, so that all users are required to do is fill the box, seal it and call the toll free number for pickup in the U.S. and Canada.

The battery recycling program from PestWest comes in two easy to use sizes; the half gallon pail and the gallon pail. All pails include electrical tape to wrap the batteries and a prepaid return shipping label to allow the shipping process to be as easy and cost effective as possible.  

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