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Plastics/paper separator

Plastics/paper separator

New from German-based Pallmann, the HydroFiner is designed to separate laminated plastics from paper packaging and labels in order to facilitate recycling in high volumes. The HydroFiner uses hydro-mechanical action to remove sticky cellulose-based laminate from packaging, yielding high quality clean material for further processing.  

 The HydroFiner’s patent pending process is based on two discs – a rotor and a stator – with material fed to the centre via an auger, and then moving to the outside through pairs of intermeshing teeth. Water used in the process is recycled back into the system. Units feature modular construction and will process up to 1,800 kg per hour of packaging waste.

Company info

820 Bloomfield Ave.
Clifton, NJ
US, 07012


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