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Titan 20 Shredder reduces scrap volumes by 80 percent

Titan 20 Shredder reduces scrap volumes by 80 percent

The Titan 20 Shredder is engineered to reduce the volume of scrap plastics, resins, fibrous products, fibreglass, wood products, paper/cardboard, gypsum wallboard, aluminium, glass, and other industrial, medical and manufacturing waste products by up to 80 percent.  

The Titan 20 shredder features dual rotors with extended cutter teeth that chop and shred heavy volumes of large solids, with minimal power consumption, while self-cleaning without binding, plugging or increasing material temperature.  

Cutter blades are mounted along two parallel shafts that are hexagonal in cross section, yielding higher strength and greater fatigue resistance than traditional keyed bar shafts. Options include smart auto-reversing controls, ram feeders, extended support legs, specialized hoppers, and gravity or pneumatic transitions.  

For finer grinding, the Titan 20 is available integrated with Rotary Cutters, Hammer Mills or other Munson size reduction equipment.    

Munson Machinery also offers blending equipment including rotary batch mixers, ribbon, paddle and plow blenders, vee-cone blenders, rotary continuous mixers, high intensity blenders, as well as Maxum shredders for shredding of abrasive materials.  

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