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Handheld XRF for metals sorting features advanced ergonomics

Handheld XRF for metals sorting features advanced ergonomics

The latest generation DELTA Alloy Analyzer has an ergonomically advanced design incorporating the latest in electronics, components and software technology. These units also feature better sensitivity and precision, in faster time for more materials, than previous models.

Configured with a standard package of more than 25 elements, the DELTA provides alloy chemistry and grade ID in seconds. From simple sorting to challenging grade separations, the DELTA provides highly specific material chemistry in order to rapidly and accurately identify pure metals and alloy grades.

Units are designed to maximize scrap sorting throughput, and are ideal for analysis of copper, precious metals, aluminum and light alloy, as well as low alloy steels, stainless steels, Ni superalloys and other high alloy materials. 

For electronics, DELTA Alloy Analyzers will sort components with precious metal content (Ag, Au, Pd, etc.), separate and identify poisons and Pb-containing solders, and evaluate copper content in shredded materials. Plus, units are available with an integrated camera and small spot collimation for detailed analysis of complex materials.

For glass recycling, users can quickly sort out Pb-containing glass and glass-ceramic from recycling streams and detect toxic elements. Olympus says they have also partnered with industry experts to develop calibrations ideal for the analysis of auto catalyst materials for precious metal content, including Pd, Pt, and Rh. Olympus technology is distributed in Canada by Innov-X Canada, out of Vancouver, B.C. Olympus NDT

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