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FastRack Product Release

FastRack Product Release

FastRack is a patent pending system that streamlines empty beer bottle handling, making the process of getting the glass to recyclers easier. For bars, hotels and other establishments serving bottled beer, FastRack makes training staff in the recycling process simpler and faster. It eliminates bottle breakage, fruit flies and clutter, and increases efficiency by creating a dedicated system for bottle recycling. Plus, FastRacks’ strong design makes it extremely durable and sturdy with all manufacturing happening in Detroit from partially recycled material.

FastRack works as follows. Bottles are inserted upside down draining into the Tray; when FastRacks are full, they can be stacked for storage or transportation and then an empty beer box is slide on and the box, FastRack and bottles are flipped over. The result? A fully, organized dry box of empty bottles.  

For homebrewers, FastRack says this innovation is replacing the beer bottle tree in many cases. The holes allow for easier use and the inside of the bottles do not contact anything, making it more sanitary. FastRacks are designed for storing bottles for the next batch of homebrewing or for collecting bottles during social gatherings.

FastRack's design reduces bottle breakage and increases bottle-handling speed in redemption centers, sorting plants and the rest of the recycling chain. 

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