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Container tilters make bulk handling more profitable

Container tilters make bulk handling more profitable

A-Ward container tilters are designed to provide companies with a smart way to load and unload shipping containers. In 2006, A-Ward says they created the world's first container tipper, which was met with overwhelming popularity. This fashioned a completely new loading method, moving away from conventional, and somewhat inefficient horizontal loading methods. Since its creation, A-Ward has sold over 400 tilters worldwide, including over 120 in the U.S. and over 100 across the UK and Europe.

A-Ward container tilters were initially developed for companies exporting scrap metal however in the past several years the company has seen huge growth into other bulk material industries, from grain import to plastic granulates.

The rapid growth into these new industries has been attributed to A-Ward's ability to customize each container tilter to suit different customer and industry requirements. Units can provide fully automated or totally mechanical operation, a tilt angle of 45 or 90 degrees or a container tilter that is mounted on rail tracks to be moved from side to side.

The A-Ward container tilting system will load containers on an angle (70 and 90 degree options available) which enables users to load to the full capacity of a container, as materials compact naturally. In turn, this allows users to reach maximum container weight much more easily.

A-Ward container tilters can also considerably reduce the loading and unloading time for each container, increasing product throughput and
turnaround. Units provide for the ability to load up to four containers per hour or unload up to ten containers per hour. Additionally, A-Ward container tippers have several state-of-the-art features that keep operators in their cabs, eliminating safety risk.

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