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Aerosol can processor / de-packaging densifier

Aerosol can processor / de-packaging densifier

The HazPak aerosol can processor by EKO is a de-packaging “densifier” specifically designed for the aerosol filler industry. These turnkey units provide a closed loop recycling system that transforms hazardous aerosols and canned waste products into fully recyclable and saleable by-products. Plus, the HazPak allows owners to benefit from multiple income streams, including processing fees, fuel sales and scrap value. 

The HazPak aerosol can processor separates and removes propellant, liquid and container, saving them in a separate containment tanks for recycling or incineration. Metal containers are compacted into a dense, dry briquette with 99 percent of the liquid removed, making ideal feedstock for smelters.

Processing takes place in an airtight, vacuum system, with zero emissions released to the atmosphere, and units will handle the processing of aerosols, inks, paints, solvents, varnish, adhesives, sealants, oil filters, and small propane and gas cylinders. Three and six cubic metre versions are available with capacity for 925 kg/hr up to 1,900 kg/hr.

EKO Environmental is a division of MacLean Engineering.