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Extruder system and edge trim recycler

Extruder system and edge trim recycler

The TVEplus is the most advanced unit in Erema’s family of vented extruder systems. The 1514 version is capable of 2,000 pounds per hour, and all models are designed to recycle more contaminated material than less advanced systems. According to Erema, tests of the TVEplus with heavily printed packaging film, for example, show an increase of approximately three times the efficiency at removing gases derived from ink, binding agents, other additives and incidental contaminating materials. Units can be equipped with an Erema RTF automatic backflushing screenchanger.  

According to Rob Doti, Vice President of Manufacturing for Jadcore, a large plastics recycler from the U.S. midwest with a monthly capacity of six million pounds, and who recently purchased a unit, the Erema TVEplus is expected to open new recycling markets for Jadcore through its ability to handle more heavily inked and otherwise contaminated material than similar systems.

Doti said: “We have closely watched Erema’s advances in technology over the years and are impressed with their understanding of how challenging some of today’s scrap materials have become for reprocessors. The TVEplus takes these challenges head on.”  

Also available from Erema, the compact KAG is an automatic edge trim recycling system that produces high quality, pellet-like reclaim that may be directly routed to extruders or stored for future reuse. The system requires little operator attention. It responds automatically to varying feed amounts of trim, does not require prior cutting, and like all Erema systems, is a frugal consumer of energy. Units are capable of throughput of 150 pounds per hour.  

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