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Telogis driver scorecard

Telogis driver scorecard

Telogis has enhanced its Driver Scorecard to manage and communicate the behavioural factors that directly influence driver safety. This allows for configurable scoring of fleets to improve safety programs as well as to provide communication of safety initiatives to staff, management, and insurance providers.

Telogis says their Driver Scorecard offers the most extensive metrics available to fleets today to identify risky driving behaviours, improve safety, and reduce the time and costs associated with accidents. The platform’s safety scorecard leverages InSight Alerts to trend driver behaviour over time, in order to positively impact safety and driver behaviour trends. 

Telogis Fleet is part of the Telogis’ platform of SaaS location intelligence solutions which includes Telogis Route, Telogis Progression and Telogis Mobile. Telogis says this makes them the only company that provides fleet management, multi-vehicle route optimization and planning, work order management and mobile integration on a single enterprise platform. 

“With Telogis Driver Scorecard, we’re able to configure the scorecard to the needs of each fleet,” says Sean McCormick, product manager, Telogis Fleet. “From standard metrics to configurable weightings, we’re able to identify risky driving behaviour. With the combination of Driver Scorecards, real-time alerts, and enterprise dashboards, Telogis enables companies to create better safe driving awareness programs and sustainable driving pattern changes, resulting in significantly improved safety.” 

Telogis Driver Scorecard reports on activities critical to driver safety: hard braking, hard acceleration, excessive speeding, speeding vs. posted speed limit, after-hours use, and seatbelt use. Reports are configurable to show daily, weekly and monthly trends. InSight Alerts can also be programmed for real-time feedback to supervisors.

  “If you’re simply monitoring driver violations, that doesn’t tell the whole story because a driver may still be exhibiting risky behaviour,” says McCormick. “By implementing the Telogis Driver Scorecard, you can enhance your safety initiatives with real-time, actionable information, leading to greater total safety, along with a reduction in costs associated with bad driving.” 

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