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Metal detector uses digital technology

Metal detector uses digital technology

Advanced Detection Systems SurroundScan Protector HD metal detector is now operating with patented digital technology. These metal detectors are manufactured with heavy-duty painted steel, and its patented digital electronics continually monitor production and compensate for conditions such as conveyor vibrations, product variations and production equipment movements near the metal detector.

These production conditions are automatically compensated for by the unit’s microprocessor, which in the end greatly enhances the metal detector’s sensitivity to smaller tramp metal contaminates and long-term reliability.  

Units use a single platform microprocessor, with password protection, and come with Acculearn technology which accurately adjusts for product effect; especially for highly conductive products.

“The Protector HD eliminates erroneous product and ambient signals and offers consistent detection results,” explains Wayne Eide of Advanced Detection Systems.

“The digital technology takes metal detection sensitivity to a new level of performance, especially in very difficult industrial applications. In the end, the SurroundScan Protector HD will achieve better sensitivity and have less cost outlay associated with maintaining a metal detector.”