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100 percent plastic recycling containers

100 percent plastic recycling containers

Recycling containers from Quebec-based Rotek Plastic are available in two- and four-yard sizes and are ideal for apartment buildings, tourist sites, camp grounds and commercial applications.

These containers are one piece rotationally-molded and are 100 percent plastic, fully recyclable, ultra-resistant to cold and will not crack. Units feature reinforced plastic hinge sleeves, integral double-wall construction to prevent leakage, and a double-sided reinforced rim. Units also use a unique patented curved design to maximize strength and resistance.  

These recycling containers will not rust, resist chemcals, require no maintenance, and weigh 1/3 less than metal. The volume of the two-yard container is equivalent to four 360-litre recycling bins, enabling it to hold up to 4,000 pounds. Units are stackable and available in custom colours. Options include reinforced fork channels, chain locks for covers, casters and a plug drain.

Plastique Rotek Inc. (Rotek Plastic) manufactures waste and recycling containers and bins ranging from one through eight yards, including bio-security containers.  

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