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Monitoring technology updated with bin location and route optimization

Monitoring technology updated with bin location and route optimization

Ireland-based SmartBin’s container monitoring technology employs sensors located discreetly in the top of any waste or recyclables bin. Depending on the type of materials and the depth of containers, it uses either “small eye” or “large eye” infrared or ultrasonic technology to measure a wide range of materials, and employs intelligent processing to eliminate the errors associated with random blocking events.  

Smart-i sensors, the latest version of SmartBin’s technology, was introduced to North America earlier this year at Waste Expo. Updated with Bin Location and Route Optimization capabilities, and using both satellite connectivity and web based monitoring, the Smart-i system measures a range of parameters, including bin fill level, bin empty events, battery level and other key parameters at set times during 24-hour cycles.   

By logging in to SmartBin’s secure user interface, companies using the technology can also get access to a variety of metrics and key performance indicators relating to their assets (yield recovered per lift, bin utilization, collection efficiencies, etc.).   

By fusing innovative wireless telemetry and Web access technologies, the new Smart-i sensor has an internal antenna which eliminates the need to lead any cables outside a container. This technology is extremely easy to install and its long life battery pack will last approximately five years. 

According to SmartBin, their new live web interface is intuitively configured as a map view tab, providing a Google map with colour-coded markers for each bin site, and indicating the fill-level relative to user-established thresholds. This birds-eye view of bins under management allows clients to make intelligent fleet deployment decisions for collection.   

“SmartBin’s real-time bin monitoring services provide modern businesses with significantly improved efficiency, traceability and ‘greenness’ that they need to be successful,” states Alan Mangan, director of business development for SmartBin.  

“SmartBin now has solutions for all kinds of wastes to be monitored, including liquid waste, in all kinds of enclosed containers. The system has been implemented with major waste management companies across Europe and we are extremely happy that it has taken off so well in the USA and Canada.”  

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