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Clear the air with smart collector

Clear the air with smart collector

The Clean Air Smart Collector are designed for weld smoke, grinding particulate, laser and plasma cutting dust and various other mainly dry filtration applications. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1-48 cartridges and air volume of 500-30,000 cfm and more. The Clean Air Smart Collector range of high performance collectors comes in a variety of sizes and options. They range in size from our smallest collector the DFC 1 to our largest the DFC 96.

The Clean Air Smart Collector is a completely NEW generation of cartridge collectors suitable for a wide variety of applications and superior to all other designs out on the market. It features a 50% better filter lifetime vs. other vertical style collectors and 75% better filter lifetime vs. horizontal designs. The CA Smart Collector has the lowest overall TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) on the market.

This collector can be combined with the Clean Air Smart Panel that, depending on applications and needs, can include the Clean Air LEAF (Low Energy Air Filtration) system that will let you experience upwards of 80% less energy used in your equipment.
• New Cabinet design uniquely shaped. Stronger structure!
• New Quick Access Filter Door & Clamping System
• New Quick Access Motor and Valve Compartment Door
• New Fire Suppression System is available
• New bolt in CAD (Clean Air Duct) & internal area with enhanced venturi design for better cleaning
• Internal Direct Drive Motor and High Efficiency Backward Incline Blower for Superior CFM & Static Pressure
• Filters positioned vertically with pulsing from the bottom using an enhanced updated Down-Flow Technology
• Crystal Clean Air -  even in high production environments
• Filter Life is Greatly Increased
• Lower TCO with both energy savings on electricity but also less filter usage and compressed air
• The Most Compact Design on the market reduces the overall foot print (floor space is a premium)
• Constant Air to Cloth Ratio (using the Smart Panel’s LEAF) to provide superior performance & lowest energy consumption
• Lowest Overall Noise Level due to internal motor/blower in a compartment fully lined with high tech noise abatement.

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