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First ever SDD-based handheld analyzer introduced

First ever SDD-based handheld analyzer introduced

The S1 TURBO SD is based on Bruker’s proprietary X-Flash silicon drift detector (SDD) and provides rapid alloy analysis as well as light element analysis.  

According to Bruker, the key to this technology is the company’s X-Flash Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), which offers count rates and resolution far superior to alternative SiPIN detector technology. This makes for even faster analysis – one second for grade identification, two seconds for assay (when light elements such as Mg, Al and Si are measured longer measurement times are required).    

These units feature high resolution and count rates which means lower detection limits for all elements analyzed, and an extensive grade library.  Other key features of the S1 Turbo SD include: a bright, touch-screen display; Microsoft Windows operating system; multiple modes; and no radioactive material is used in its design. An S1 TURBO SD LE is also available with smart “light element” technology.  

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