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Electric-powered vehicle

2011 Might-E Truck features GVWR of 1,355 kg and hydraulic dump

Electric-powered vehicle

The new 2011 Might-E Truck features power steering, AC drive and a standard off-the-shelf braking system for long-term serviceability. Might-E Trucks are street-legal, custom-built electric-powered utility vehicles with a GVWR of 1,355 kg, payload capability of 650 kg, towing capacity of 1,800 kg and a 680 kg hydraulic dump system.  

These trucks provide high torque and power and are equipped with a GM-style rotor and caliper disc brake system, standard 14-inch tires and redesigned leaf springs. Custom options are available. Canadian Electric Vehicles  

Company info

1184 Middlegate Road
Errington, BC
CA, V0R 1V0


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