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Software designed specifically for waste and recycling

EnCORE is a powerful enterprise-class financial and operational software system designed specifically for the waste, scrap and recycling industry. According to CORE Computing Solutions who manufactures the software; “One of the primary objectives when setting out to write EnCORE was to create a single comprehensive software package that could manage every aspect of a waste, scrap and recycling organization.”

This software is designed to help improve finance and operations management, as well as collections and customer service. It keeps track of billing, pricing, history and customer details on one easy-to-use screen, and technical support is available 24 hours / seven days per week. EnCORE IP Scale Service is a standalone application that aggregates the reading of scale data, handling of signature capture hardware devices, and traffic control / extended interfaces into a single application, which can be configured to utilize any combination of these features, and which provides a data stream to connected computers via its built-in TCP super server. This makes is possible for scale data to be ready from across the room, or over the Internet to multiple connected computers simultaneously.

The latest new features of EnCORE software include: advanced sales and purchase order scheduling, shipping manifest tracking, hand held and GPS technologies with picture capture features, and advanced scheduling, service dispatch, and routing. EnCORE is compatible with SQL Server 2008, Server 2010 64bit and Windows 7.

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