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Foam safety gloves

Foam safety gloves

These new Lunar Foam Nitrile palm dip PosiGrip gloves are designed for all types of commercial and industrial applications. A white or salt and pepper nylon shell is dipped over the palm and fingertips with full saddle coverage. This gives these gloves extra grip on wet or oily materials, and better surface adhesion on dry applications. Sizes from xs to xxl ensure a proper fit and optimal dexterity, and antibacterial surfactants prevent odours and bacteria from forming. Lunar foam nitrile gloves are well-suited for recycling applications as well as materials handling, maintenance and others. 

All PosiGrip gloves include a knit wrist for wearer comfort, are machine washable and silicone free. Each PosiGrip glove is also clearly labelled with the appropriate EN388 rating and size indicator to ensure that the right glove with the right fit is used for the job.

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