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Apartment / condo container

The MURFF is a stackable recycling solution specifically designed for professional offices, apartments and condominiums. These units provide ease of transport to the curb, are manufactured using up to 50 percent recycled content and high density polyethylene, and are available in a variety of custom colours. Their approximate weight is one kg. (2.3 pounds). Norseman Plastics #1512 New horizontal baler The new 50-hp HLO 5443 horizontal baler features a small footprint of 18 feet by 7 feet, and an “economy mode.” The HLO 5443 has a fast baling cycle time (dry cycle) of 7.6 seconds, and production rates up to 14 tons/hour. Maximum operating pressure is 3,000 psi and ram face pressure is 114 psi. The HLO 5443’s large box opening can accommodate wider material and is ideal for processing OCC, ONP, PET and other plastics.

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