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Roll off hoist features reduced loading height and smaller footprint

This new LowLift hoist incorporates a revolutionary design for lower loading, and according to its manufacturer, Refuse Parts LLC, a smaller footprint as well as faster, safer loading and unloading than other roll-off hoists on the market. The LowLift provides 30-second loading and unloading times, and has a hinged tail that serves as a loading platform. This allows easier and closer alignment with the container and a greatly reduced loading height. The hoist does not have to be raised to load or unload a container, and the much lower loading and unloading height eliminates problems due to overhead clearance. Generally, the LowLift is only fully raised during the dumping process, and overhead obstructions are not an issue at disposal sites. The LowLift is designed to offer haulers a safer operation, by eliminating overhead clearance issues, and providing better visibility, stability and container alignment. The lower angle and height also reduce the chance that a container will jump the rails during loading.

These units also include a unique travelling carriage design that can power containers rearward and be cycled back and forth with the hoist raised to shake loose sticky loads.