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Screener reduces plug blinding and improves efficiency

This newly introduced Electro-mechanical Ball Tray Deck Screener (EMBS) provides a high-efficiency screening design for plastics and other applications where precise end particle size is paramount. The EMBS achieves a high degree of practicality via its ball tray deck – the physical area beneath the surface of its wire cloth screen that contains balls in specialized compartments. According to Jack Steinbuch, General Sales Manager for Cleveland Vibrator Co. the linear vibratory design of the EMBS actuates vigorous ball bouncing movements within their ball deck compartments and against the underside of the screen section. As the balls randomly strike the bottom of the screen, they knock out angular pieces that have wedged into screen openings. This action ultimately keeps openings clear for more efficient screening, thereby eliminating the potential plug blinding that can occur when material such as plastic regrind gets caught in screen openings.

EMBS units are mounted horizontally, requiring no gravitational assistance for product being conveyed along the screening surface. The EMBS screener is equipped with 1,800 rpm vibrators that provide 0.10-inch stroke, and force output of the drives may be varied to decrease stroke to reduce the final conveying speed. For difficult to handle, light density, fluffy products, or where screen openings greater than one inch are being used, a lower frequency, higher amplitude drive may be substituted with 900 or 1,200 rpm drive options.

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